Camera-powered rewarded advertising.

Vigure lets brands invite millions of users of popular apps to find and snap photos of products and earn brand-relevant, in-app rewards for doing so.

Real Return on Ad Spend

Users find products offline in order to scan them, driving offline sales. Brand-relevant in-app rewards bring deep and meaningful product engagement.


Vigure filters out fraud and guarantees product photos.


Monitor where your product photos are coming from.


Product photos are shared privately to brands.


Scan offers are placed in relevant contexts.

Product Photo Stream

Draw contextual, geographic and demographic insights from your user-submitted photos, through Vigure's real-time Product Stream analytics.

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    Consumption Environment

    Understand where your product is being used.

  • ishtar alley


    See clues about how your customers' lifestyles.

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    Complementary Products

    Learn which products are paired together.

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    Point of Sale

    Gain visiblity into your retail environments.

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    Consumption Behavior

    Discover consumption habits for your product.

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    Product Condition

    Understand how your product is handled.

  • Advanced Monetization for App Developers

    Forced advertising always leads to bad app store reviews. Users just don't like it. Instead, go with Vigure. Vigure lets your users opt-in to the product recognition advertising offer, giving them choice. Since Vigure drives offline behavior, not just low-value impressions, each transaction (i.e. successful product scan) drives significant business value for our advertisers, which means astronomically high earnings that are 10X those of conventional rewarded ads.

    Vigure runs on the following platforms -